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The Love Lifestyle will bring you as close to the best vision you have of yourself. Creating a love for yourself and inner-confidence will attract the right people into your life who will respect, honor, and love you. Learn how to nurture the fire inside of you for a fulfilling life with romance and everything you desire with self-taught courses, 1:1 coaching, articles, meditations, retreats, private social media groups, and local full-day events that inspire your authentic womanhood and thrive in today’s dating scene!


Love Doesn’t Have To Be A Let Down 

Do you ever feel…




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Romance that Matters

The Love Lifestyle

Are you finally ready to create a life you approve of and attract the romance you have always deserved?

When you're comfortable in your own skin, you have the power to do anything, especially find great love!

It’s time to create a lifestyle full of love for you first so you can attract and hold any man

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Hi, this is Natalina.

you may be wondering who I am and how I can help you attract the man of your dreams...

I’m a certified relationship and lifestyle coach, trained personally by Relationship Guru Rori Raye, and now I help women in my private coaching practice feel more at ease, confident, and attractive.

My love history was pitiful. It was so hard to get the first date, and, even harder to keep him interested enough for a second…I was clueless. sad. Angry. and…very lonely.

And then I figured it out while working and training with Rori’s amazing tools!

I finally started having this experience of ‘traditional courtship’ and there was less and less confusion. I embraced my womanhood, my authentic voice, the love I have for myself, and the possibility of having the love of my life find ME instead of wishing upon a star. 

More emotions. more poetry. more connection, more of me… I want to pass these gifts and lessons on to YOU so you can enjoy who you are, who is around you, and most of all, how you feel in your life and flow through it with more FREEDOM!

Yes, I want to

Kind Words From Clients

I have enjoyed how you helped me so much. And it has been a learning experience working with you.

I learned a lot and realize I know more than I gave myself credit for in this endeavor of entering the mechanics of relationships esp. ones I have limited experience with.

Again thank you for your kind and uplifting words of encouragement.  Thank you for your time and talent.  I will adhere to all the great strategies and tips you shared with me.  I use many of them now.

I realize many were already there they just needed a jolt to jump-start them.

I am juggling about 6 acquaintances at this time.  I'm looking forward to a very fulfilling and happy summer.

Thank you, my dear coach.  Blessings to you,  I feel the privilege to have you in my life. 


Massachusetts, USA

Natalina helped me understand is first and foremost, I needed to feel safe around men. I saw a change almost immediately after I spoke with her. 

After I spoke ONCE with her, I saw a change she helped me see where my fear and distrust carried through in all my public and male-facing experiences.

She helped me start to focus on things that took my focus off of the MEN and their issues. 

I started to see men (any walk of life) start to notice me. I see them and I smile, offering the olive leaf I have kept to myself. They smile back. OH GOSH, what? This feels NICE.

I am now looking at men differently, more gentle, more in a manner of what I like about them and why is that, what about me that makes me like those things.

it has been over 3 weeks since I started speaking with Natalina, and yet I can say it seems like worlds away


Idaho, USA

Natalina speaks in such a way that I feel deeply connected to her.

She creates a safe space to talk about anything without any fear of judgment. 

Our last session addressed an issue that has held me back for years. Instead of telling me how to feel, she took me on a mental walk that naturally transformed my previous feelings of hurt with sweetness and love. 

There are not enough words to express how much I appreciate Natalina's coaching.


Colorado, USA

My sessions with Natalina has helped me to get CLEAR on what I want and what I need to do to have what I want. Natalina is intuitive in her approach and she is able to draw out the deeper truths to get me where I want to be.  So glad to be working with her!!


Detroit, USA

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