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This week we opened a conversation into a top cause of how we lose love.

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and I hate saying it that way, “losing love” and “what if….” “things could be different, if I were different….then maybe….”

Just No.  There’s no reason to go beating ourselves up for what we are not.  I’m drawing a line there. Often enough we push love away because we JUST don’t know how to see ourselves.  Take care of ourselves (hello, self care!).  Hear ourselves…. or FEEL our truth on some level and walk our chosen life + soul path….

the big fat truth that we were taught as children (kind of) is to ‘Just be yourself’
Well, that would be easy, if we were getting more positive reinforcement to do so….

SO, we’re going to invite love in, by setting the example for ourself first.

This week I had a great chat with Guest Coach Naomie Thompson of (who is absolutely brilliant)

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