August Love

Written by: Love Coach Natalina | Team, Tech & Systems Maven

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September 2, 2019

Dear September and all,
I’m looking forward to all the adventures we shall have together.

As I’m uploading this video…not quite feeling the finality of August, even with the cooler air and the changing leaves!

this thought speaks: perhaps we leave a part of ourselves, or perhaps a part of ‘what was’ never leaves us…

and I embrace the Romance of it.

the parts that have my heart beating with even a slight amount more passion… as well as the parts stunned in it’s own fear of change…

if you’ve been following me for awhile — you know how sentimental I can be about the seasons… about time…. about all the things…

feel free to add to the discussion here. 🙂

I’ll add in some of my favorite August sentiments in the comments too!


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