18 things to put on your bucket list while falling in love this spring

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March 18, 2020

18 things to do while falling in love this spring

1- write a poem. about rain.  about flowers. … look at what kind of poetry comes out of you.

  1. Study flower and plant lore — uses, personality, therapeutic and healing properties… and get to know the plan kingdom that could serve as perhaps a new ally.
  2. read an easter story. passover story. ostra. , spring solstice…. 
  1. watch the days and nights stretch out and comfortably embrace more and more light and warmth
  2. listen to the birds. se how many you can identify by song alone.   — don’t get mad at yourself for not knowing any — make it up — what kind of bird does your mind see when hearing those birds call out?
  3. Take a bath — with spring intentions. bathe in the intentions. paint them on your body with love — do a “maiden bath or spa ritual”  make one up!
  4. Read about the Chinese myths and festivals for spring  — let your mind mingle with history, and feel the wisdom of an older world
  5. Project an overview of what you believe the season will be like before the last day of spring — let yourself be surprised by keeping track of the pleasant unexpected things.  let life’s romance’s you —
  6. stage and shoot your own goddess of spring photoshoot. be creative!
  7. be mindful of animal medicine messages for yourself and the relationship you want –
  8. Observe a Full Moon
  9. Observe a New Moon
  10. Read Celtic Heritage Stories.
  11. Check out the astrological sun signs of spring. journal it out.
  12. observe the moon through each influence of the 12 astrological mansions.
  13. Read Persephone’s and Demeter’s story — reflect on your maidenhood.
  14. pick a favorite quote from Shakespeare!
  15. pick a personal totem – a symbol or a series of symbols to celebrate  and remember the different aspects of spring

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