Mindset Alchemy: if your love is a bridge…

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September 17, 2020

long time ago, I wrote about your love BEING a bridge and I’ll make sure to cameo back to that as soon as I find it in my archives- for sentimental purposes ( the message still applies).

First idea here is If you consider what you love, and how you love to be what connects you, us, and everyone on the planet to their deepest desires – and furthermore, that we are ALL already connected, how does that change the narrative?

give that a moment.
Because indeed, it is all connected…

Coaching, Dream Muscle Builder:

so, for a good solid 60 seconds, let yourself feel the feeling of being connected to your wildest dreams.

* the smell of _________________________… (i.e. new parchment, freshly mown grass, and spearmint toothpaste. )
*what it feels like, wearing ______________________________________…. (what’s your pleasure? silk, linen? what dream couture is you?)
*What it looks like out the window of your ________________________________________… residence…..

give at least 60 seconds of suspended disbelief to your dream, then meet me below 🙂

mua hah ha ha ha….

why do we insist on clinging to the disappointment, the betrayal, and the pain of being separated…from what we love??
(or more sinisterly, from what we SAY we love… mmmm….?)

today, I want to linger a little longer in the realm of disappointments.
Cheeky, yes, I know. 😉

A famous Chinese Story, about 2 lovers, who are parted, and only once a year – on a clear day – are reunited.
this is probably one of the saddest stories I’ve ever heard.

turns out that this is a love story from the stars. (Stars Vega and Altair)


in this three way Love drama, one character of the love drama spits these words with a sore bitterness ” I was only the bridge to get you to what you really want?”

How absolutely Soul Shattering…. 🙂
it’s this dark romance stuff that keeps me up at night.

SO, what do you think about love triangles?
what makes something or someone important to us? or is it important to only commit to one love?

Stuff to Consider, this has been a question that rarely gets any stage-time avec calm consideration.

what you think?, I’m curious about your perspective.


and Happy New Moon In Virgo. 🙂
Happy Equinox.
Happy Descent to …. all that comes next.

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