Thought Work is A Thing.

Written by: Love Coach Natalina | Team, Tech & Systems Maven

Love Coach Natalina is a Certified Life & Relationship Coach Who Works With Fellow Adventurers Around The World To Create INSTANT Connection and GET the love they dream of...

September 20, 2020

what is thought work?
it’s basically the intentional awareness of tracking your thoughts.

*I’ve heard that some people do not have the internal dialogue voices in their thoughts, like others (and myself) do – and that is so wild, yet across the board, “mindfulness” (haha see what I did there?) is a useful thing.

Especially when it comes to changing habits and patterns, as well as even changing our believes

which is helpful when you’ve made bedmates (mental bedmates) of ideas, concepts, and the like that just don’t serve your life purpose and calling.

Life is precious.

Wealth Starts in the Mind.

what tools do you use to make an ally of the powerhouse between your ears?

Love ya,

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