3 Ways to Re-assure yourself when you feel Insecure

Written by: Love Coach Natalina | Team, Tech & Systems Maven

Love Coach Natalina is a Certified Life & Relationship Coach Who Works With Fellow Adventurers Around The World To Create INSTANT Connection and GET the love they dream of...

September 25, 2020

knowing what you need is more than half the battle my friends.
and when we feel good….we do better.

here are some ways to re-assure yourself when you feel insecure – perhaps from an online or IRL dating scenario, or from any of what life throws your way.


1. Let the thought – that you may or may not be entirely aware of – sit. let the thought ‘sit’ when you start to notice the anxiety creep up to getcha. Put it in an elevator and send it down! imagine all the thoughts like a rock – and drop it! “fooomph!”

2. all you need to know from the thoughts that hit you and you don’t have the mental or emotional bandwidth to entertain whatever that thought may be, is that it ain’t comfy, and while — whatever the thought, feeling or fear may be, valid to be work through (or not), now may not be the time and you are in charge. —> say that out loud, in the mirror and Re-assert your dominance in your body, heart and soul. “I’m the goddess here, I hear you -worry – I hear you fear, I feel this – and it’s okay to feel weird, I love my weird feelings, and I am in charge.”

3. Breathe. Breath is life. See if you can let the thoughts do what they do, let them be clouds in a beautiful sky… and breathe. Follow that beautiful breath around your body.

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