What you Believe about love actually does matter.

Written by: Love Coach Natalina | Team, Tech & Systems Maven

Love Coach Natalina is a Certified Life & Relationship Coach Who Works With Fellow Adventurers Around The World To Create INSTANT Connection and GET the love they dream of...

October 6, 2020

“We all have different timetables in reaching and realizing that being in healthy partnership is better than being on our own.” Hill Harper

What do you believe about love? 

What do you believe about men?

What do you believe about women?

What do you believe about partnership?

look at your definition.  Pull it apart, and really see for yourself what you gravitate towards, and if you’ll do that – you have a power that will ground you and connect you with the important values and ideals you hold.

Relationships make us bigger than what we are as individuals. —>I believe that is the gold of relationship…

What about you, how would you define the gold of your relationship (or the relationship you seek)?
Share in the comments, please! 🙂

Strange isn’t it? 

We are all out here in the world looking for love, and often times it feels counter intuitive.  That is part of the journey.  

We’ve been told that love is not logical, and yet we need to be smart, we should be careful…. We want excitement but we don’t want to get burned…

We have so many different ideas, concerns, worries in our head that the connection part of love has been displaced.  

We can settle the confusion and get to the heart of what we really want.  

It starts with ourselves and our world.  

What we see and the stories we tell about those things we see.  

You have everything you need in order to attract the man, the love, the relationship, the opportunities you desire – and it all starts with you and what is right in front of you now.  

Don’t believe me?  Let’s chat. 

Schedule a free call with me and we’ll talk it over.  

Lots of love, 


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