“Sounding Feminine”, a few notes. (VLOG)

Written by: Love Coach Natalina | Team, Tech & Systems Maven

Love Coach Natalina is a Certified Life & Relationship Coach Who Works With Fellow Adventurers Around The World To Create INSTANT Connection and GET the love they dream of...

October 20, 2020

I’m asked a lot about how to maintain a feminine energy Vibe, while *engaging* a man. and the short answer is that you don’t. not really anyway….

CORE NOTE: There is a huge difference between ‘Feminine Aesthetic’ and ‘Feminine Energy’ and this is where your secret love gold is, when you feel YOUR unique Vibe and Voice… you can move fluidly through whatever you want to do and know you are firmly expressing, and sharing Expressions of the feminine, and not accidentally dipping into the masculine/aggressive/lean forward Vibe.

This Video Aires a few thoughts from me on this subject. to book a full hour private session, Just Click this link : https://coachnatalina.as.me

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