Hey there, and happy holidays! 

Sending you all the cozy vibes for a warm and wonderful end to the year. 

While wrapping up the season, I’ve also been doing a lot of thinking.

Do you make wishes or intentions for the new year, how are you feeling?

Let’s talk :-)

Speaking of reflections, here’s a short and sweet (1-minute) video compilation capturing some of the whimsy and beauty of the year.

(***It’s got a poetic, artsy style and vibe I love—just a heads-up, it might be a whirlwind of visual information…) 

Here’s the  Video Transcript:

Time flies.
It’s what we do with that time that makes a life.

The product of all the yes’es and no’s…

All of these moments gathered together –  through chance, through luck, through fate – through planning – yes… planning…

As well as the uncontrollable aspects of life.

The Co-Creative aspect that is exciting, and amazing about human relationships.

About Romance.

Aboutdiscovering our true self.

There are so many clichés about how ‘time flies’ and that ‘if you blink you’ll miss it’

the ‘important stuff’

So, what’s important to you?

it’s okay if you don’t know off the top of your head. It’s kind of why it makes this question so profound.

What do you want and where are you going? Where do you want to go?

 I’d love to help you find what you need.  I’m so glad we’ve found each other. 

Let me know what’s been on your mind – your wishes and/or intentions for the upcoming year…

Grab a girl-friend, join my coaching community  – and write me with your questions, comments and dreams!

Love, Natalina