I was so used to being nice.

Nice, Sweet, Happy.

The smiling girl.

I could never, ever be angry! I mean, who’s angry these days – I’m above that, right?

I can remember all the moments with this going through my head – that I shouldn’t be angry – and so I always FELT angry – because I never thought it was okay to even feel angry!

Even more, I couldn’t ever feel it was okay to SAY the anger – or ANYTHING I was feeling.

Now, when I feel my feelings, even the anger, and SAY what I feel in a way a man can not only hear, but WANT to hear …it makes ALL the difference.

So – if you think your life is just skating over the surface, when what you truly want, more than anything, is a deep, loving, caring, involved, touching, emotional life and romantic relationshipI know exactly how you feel.

The secret of moving through this stuck place and into a fluid, emotional, thrilling life and romance is to begin to feel everything you already feel. 

Even to feel the blocks, the stops, the battles, the inner turmoil…

And, together, if you’d like to talk with me, we can find your stuck places, release all the words you’ve been wanting to say forever, and get you to a whole new place!

One, where you’re comfortable in your own skin.

One where you can feel what you feel, put words to it, and express yourself in a way that powerfully makes a man want to do anything for you.

Just write to me here, and my assistant, Marjorie, will set us up for a free 20-minute Zoom Emotional Attraction session. In just those 20-minutes, we’ll be able to identify what’s stopping you from having what you want and get you moving toward the romantic relationship you deserve.




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