Learn How To Get Everything You Want From Your Feminine Energy

Join Naomie, Beth, ME!  and so many more amazing Rori Raye relationship coaches and the Siren Community in this new, online Workshop, for only $17!

 you’ll get personal help and inspiration to live your life as a full-out girl– and always from your Feminine Energy.

Upcoming WORKSHOP Events: 

June 25, 2023 
10am-11:30am PST 
“The Forever Love Dream”

July 30, 2023
10am-11:30am PST 
“The Dream Relationship”

August 27, 2023
10am-11:30am PST 
“Feminine Atmosphere” 

September 24, 2023

10am-11:30am PST 
“Feminine Power”

October 29, 2023
10am-11:30am PST 
“Feminine Mystique”

….Stay Tuned for more to come! 

♥ Learn New Modern Siren Tools for The Feminine Art Of Attraction

♥ Get Coached and Scripted to help solve your immediate situation, and help you:

*Bring In the man you want…

*Bring Closer the man you’re with…

*Bring Back a man who’s shut down or withdrawn…

♥ Feel Empowered in your Feminine Energy, as you swim with Sirens and Rori Raye Coaches, soaking up and learning to express your Sirenity!