Private Coaching With Natalina Love

Unlock Your Path to Love and Happiness

This is Natalina Love, You deserve to have the love and happiness that you’ve always dreamed of, and I’m here to help you make it a reality!

Together, we’ll blast through what’s been holding you back from finding true love and the happiness you’re meant for. Whether it’s a lack of self-worth, difficulty attracting quality partners, or challenges with maintaining healthy relationships, I’ll be there to guide you towards a more fulfilling and feminine path to love that works for your unique situation now.

A 60-minute Zoom or phone session, where we’ll work together to create a personalized plan to attract the love you desire is $222.

We’ll identify the barriers that have been standing in your way and unlock your path to love and happiness through learning how to use your unique personality and background to your advantage.

You’ll learn how to stay in your feminine energy and thrive while navigating even the most tricky emotional situations, I’ll be there for you with guidance for every step of the way.

Don’t settle for anything less than the love and happiness you deserve.

I can’t wait to see the beauty and power of your amazing and completely magnetic feminine energy signature come alive for you.

Love always, Natalina


GETTING STARTED With Intimate Love Lifestyle Coaching…

Three Ways! 

The First Way: If you’d like to work together over a few days for integration with a Messenger App  like ‘Voxer’ you’ll want the 1-week messenger coaching, for $97.

Second Way: You want a quick question answered and to keep it all simple – you may like to work on a one email at a time commitment.  Each content rich email is just  $47.

Third Way: You want to embody the tools, and have some time to ask follow-up questions.  This is where Zoom is awesome and you’ll want to book an hour session for $222.  We’ll meet virtually, record if you like! all the tools, scripts, and inspiration for your specific situation right now – and you’ll have two days of follow up coaching by email or voxer after for integration too. 

Click your favorite coaching option below  — you’ll be taken to a purchase form, and as soon as your service is confirmed I’ll be in touch to start our coaching relationship together.

1. Messenger coaching 1- week: 

In this special 7-day coaching container for $97, you’ll have full email access to me over a consecutive 7 day week and Voxer App voice and text messaging. My Promise is a considered message response within 24 hours, usually much faster! We’ll begin our ‘messenger coaching’ relationship with a quick welcome email to set up the logistics. 

2. Intimate Coaching Email:

Perfect for quick coaching feedback.  If you have a question about your dating profile,  if you’re facing uncertainty in a relationship, wondering what to say or if you need to say anything at all…  

Just Send me your question when you reserve a coaching email for $47 – I’ll write you back with encouragement, advice, insight, and considered question prompts to help you align with and bring in what you want most. My promise to you is a considered coaching response returned to you within 48-hours (usually sooner!)


3. 1 hour zoom session


In this special coaching container, we’ll meet over zoom for an hour (or over 2 x 30-minute sessions), focusing on what is most important to you.

After our session you’ll have email access and Voxer App voice and text messaging for 48 hours  for integration.


Coaching Guidelines and Agreements

I will hold everything we discuss in coaching sessions as confidential.

I will challenge you, and I trust that you will tell me if I go too far.

The coaching number is only for scheduled coaching, so I won’t be able to pick up any other calls or messages from you there.

Email is the best way to communicate with me.

I’m fine with rescheduling appointments – but require 24 hours notice by email. I do charge for missed appointments/no shows and appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.

The success of our work together requires your commitment to practicing the custom-made tools I create for you and that we work on together during our sessions – results are therefore in your hands. I want to be here for you in every way I can – encouraging you, inspiring you, guiding you, giving you the information and tools you need and working with you in a deep and personal way to change things fast – and the practicing is yours to do.

If you need help with scheduling or billing, please contact me at


I, Natalina Love, As a relationship consultant, will be making suggestions, giving homework, advising you, taking you through exercises and meditations, and teaching you the communication and personal techniques I’ve learned and developed. Unlike the co-active coaching aspects of our work together, where I ask questions and walk alongside you on your journey, rather than tell you what I believe is the best course of action for you, teaching and consulting does require my leading and guiding you. It requires my giving you information and instruction.

I am not a therapist, nor am I licensed in any way.

I do not issue refunds.

The decision to accept or decline my information, instructions, guidance, suggestions and teachings is yours to make.

By confirming and paying for your appointment with me you are effectively agreeing to this Disclaimer