Learn The Missing Piece To The Love,  Romance And Relationship You Want Right Now:

The Secrets Of Emotional Attraction!

You’re Already Unique.

You’re Already Powerful.

You’re Already Deeply Feminine, Deeply Desireable, Deeply, Naturally Attractive – And

You’re Designed To Be Deeply Loved.

All you need now is a clear path to the Emotional Vulnerability, Connection, and intense Attraction that’s your birthright as a woman.


I’m Natalina, a certified coach trained personally by Rori Raye, a Reiki Master practitioner, artist and spiritual teacher.

Professional attributes aside, I’m ridiculously nerdy and married to my best friend.

I believe and I have seen time and time again that when people fall in love the whole world literally transforms with them; this is why I coach.  

Getting the love you want doesn’t have to be stressful, confusing, or painful.

I had the most horrific breakup in 2007.

I thought it was at long last “the real deal” …then out of the blue he just broke up with me.

The truth in that moment was that it was the most heart wrenching and horrific “surprise” I had ever received.  

It wasn’t until year later that I actively started dating again, and even though I started out awkward, desperate and really depressed about even getting coffee dates, within a few short months I was dating several amazing men all at once.

I started feeling more and more feminine, adored, and successful and before a full year or any type of exclusivity deals were made, I was married to my gorgeous husband.

Emotional Attraction is literally all you need to know about all forms of attraction, and it will cut through all of the other things you “think” you might need in order to fully and forever attract the man and relationship you want.

It’ll help you drop the heavy beliefs you have about yourself, the world, and love, so that you can quickly find and keep the relationships that are important to you and start experiencing your happy-ever-after NOW.

For most of us, relationship skills weren’t taught in school – so most of us have had terrible role models for love.

I get that, and it’s why I’m so passionate about getting you to the love part of your relationships.

You don’t have to be lonely anymore.  

I know it feels like you have to ‘settle’ in love, but I’m here to tell you that you can have whatever you want in love.

Settling is not your destiny.  


I have a secret…

 Actually, I have 5 Secrets I would love to share with you.


Helping women find their voice and create trusting emotional attraction that leads to meaningful physical attraction and love is my passionate purpose in life – and you can have the same epic success I’ve had, after years of confusion, wrong information, and no self-confidence.


There are five important facets of a well-balanced, awesomely romantic relationship.

Learn Secrets To Making Him Fall Deeply In Love Forever  

 I believe building a foundation that represents these five areas for you will transform you and your love life.

 I’m confident you’ll be able to quickly master these three key areas, and find, attract, and keep forever THE ONE.

These 5 Secrets will guide you to using your own, unique “voice”, and creating authentic emotional attraction – so you can enjoy a thriving love life without worrying about saying the wrong thing or wasting time with someone who isn’t a good match for you.


What You Want And Need Is Exactly What You Deserve To Have!

To deserve to fall in love and be married to the man who completes your heart and soul.

You deserve to feel real confidence, so you can have the lifestyle you want, and the man and relationship you want.

You deserve to create the kind of family you want, and to be with the people who matter the most to you.


You deserve to build a life and lifestyle that matches your dreams and visions of the future.

You deserve to share your life with someone through the good, the bad, and the unknown with love and trust.


When you want a big transformation in your life and you are done with where you are right now…

I feel I know you, because I used to be you.

Going on dates feeling awkward, untrusting, and walking away with a sense that maybe I wasn’t meant for great love in this world.


If you’re feeling what I felt, literally hopeless about ever having real romance without settling, and not believing I was meant to be happy – know that I (and possibly you) was caught up this ugly, painful belief that’s really just a lie. .

You are a woman – and one of the things we forget about when we are deeply focused on finding our true match in this life is YOURSELF.


Yes… you are so laser-focused on dating, your love life and what is not working, that you begin to fade away little by little.

It doesn’t become a visible problem to you at first but it will.


You can see an ocean of stories in a woman’s eyes if you stare into them long enough… but how can a man really see and hear you if those eyes are dulled by everything you have gone through up until this very moment?

Yes… you have forgotten about YOU.


It is time to concentrate on all the many facets of woman you are. You are unique and have a story to unfold into a man’s hands that will uplift and delight him!

But you must learn about who you are and take care of your body, mind, and soul, for your individual attraction energy to truly find your man.

People can feel when you are hiding behind self-doubt, untold stories, and maybe even desperation.

It is like a sixth-sense.


I was so used to being nice.
Nice, Sweet, Happy.
The smiling girl.

I could never, ever be angry! I mean, who’s angry these days – I’m above that, right?

I can remember all the moments with this going through my head – that I shouldn’t be angry – and so I always FELT angry – because I never thought it was okay to even feel angry!

Even more, I couldn’t ever feel it was okay to SAY the anger–or ANYTHING I was feeling.

Now, when I feel my feelings, even the anger, and SAY what I feel in a way a man can not only hear, but WANTS to hear …it makes ALL the difference.

The secret of moving through this stuck place and into a fluid, emotional, thrilling life and romance is to begin to feel everything you already feel.

Even to feel the blocks, the stops, the battles, the inner turmoil…

And, together, we can find your stuck places, release all the words you’ve been wanting to say forever, and get you to a whole new place!

One where you’re comfortable in your own skin.

One where you can feel what you feel, put words to it, and express yourself in a way that powerfully makes a man want to do anything for you.

So – if you think your life is just skating over the surface, when what you truly want, more than anything, is a deep, loving, caring, involved, touching, emotional life and romantic relationship – I know exactly how you feel.

You’ll be able to identify what’s stopping you from having what you want and get the romantic relationship you deserve and envision.



You, an adventurous woman, are on your journey to a very unique and epic love.

No matter what things look like this red-hot second, I know in my bones that you can have what you desire in love.

My personal story holds proof that with a few new skills, the commitment to having what you want, and some support, you’ll be jet setting to love-land forever.  


There are so many stories from women all over the world now, having tasted the sweet ambrosia of true love using the exact same tools and processes I’ll be walking you through. I’m so excited you are here, and that I’ll get to show you what I’ve discovered. Welcome to happy ever after…  


Love Is Both Mysterious and Miraculous, and always closer than we think.

Our beautiful brains can think up the wildest stories for why we can’t have what we want, how love “should” look and be, but that doesn’t need to keep you down.

YOU ARE A GODDESS, not a wimp, not a pushover…you are a Goddess!

And you are more than enough for a Legendary Love, Commitment, Partnership, Romance…all of it.  


I can’t wait to know you, work with you and hear all about the happy ever after you’ve been dreaming of!

Love, Natalina



Lesson 1 - Body Love Scan (the Messages in Tension)


Lesson 2 - Blame, Shame, and Guilt. (Vices to Virtues)


Lesson 3 - Speaking From Your Emotions


Lesson 4 - Cultivate Beauty In Your Inner World


Lesson 5 - How To Use The Power Of Your Emotions (What you’ve just discovered!) With A Man!

Secret #1

Lesson 1 – Body Love Scan (the Messages in Tension)

Secret #2

Lesson 2 – Blame, Shame and, Guilt (Vices to Virtues)

Secret #3

Lesson 3 – Speaking from your emotions

Secret #4

Lesson 4 – Cultivate Beauty In Your Inner World

Secret #5

Lesson 5 – How To Use The Power Of Your Emotions (What you’ve just discovered!) With A Man!

Kind Words From Clients

Natalina’s depth and understanding of healthy relating as a framework is deeply refreshing. She has an ability to come up with clarity, precision and words to match the feelings that have long been buried inside me.

I’ve been trying to find a way to meet myself and partners sticky spots for YEARS. In the past, a source of frustration and despair... I’m now feeling more able to express myself, be heard and get on with creating a happy and abundant life.

I have little tears welling and feel the depths of gratitude to Natalina.

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

No doubt, Natalina is an incredibly capable, grounded and warm coach. Without hesitation, I would recommend her to anyone wanting to create a fulfilling relationship with self and other. You’re sure to be delighted.

Warmth, Skye

Skye Craig MBMSc - Clinical Neuroscientist


Natalina helped me understand is first and foremost, I needed to feel safe around men. I saw a change almost immediately after I spoke with her. 

After I spoke ONCE with her, I saw a change she helped me see where my fear and distrust carried through in all my public and male-facing experiences.

I am now looking at men differently, more gentle, more in a manner of what I like about them and why is that, what about me that makes me like those things.

it has been over 3 weeks since I started speaking with Natalina, and yet I can say it seems like worlds away


Colorado, USA