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Love Coach Natalina Discovery Questions

Please give some thought to these questions. They are Inquiries -questions for you to ponder. Sometimes what happens in our close relationships is a really a quickpeek at what’s going on inside us. Working from the outside in and inside out at the same time can often make change much easier to integrate and allow us to venture into the unexpected.  

Email them back to me, and I’ll reply as soon as I see them- to firm up our session time(s). I look forward to speaking with you and knowing you!


The Questions:

What’s your dream?

What are you tolerating in your life?

What keeps you from getting what you want?

What feels good?

What are some things,situations, behaviors, people that are hard for you to be with?

What would it be like to be fearless?

What would it be like if you never had to please anyone?

How are you not appreciating yourself?

Do you have a fantasy life? Write about it…..

What would happen if your fantasies suddenly became real?


(These next are specifically love and relationship)

What would your perfect relationship look like?

What would a day in your perfect relationship look like?

What would make you most relaxed and happy in a relationship?

How would you like your relationship to look and feel physically? What does affection look and feel like? Great sex?

Your Values

Values are those qualities of life you need to have present in order to live a fulfilling life.These are not morals or ethics.  As an example, some of mine are creativity, intuition, security, family, etc.List yours. When things get sticky, this list is a great place to go.









Wheel of Life

How satisfied are you with your whole life?

Which areas contribute to your satisfaction?

Which detract?

How does it all balance?

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Rate each category on a scale of 0 to 10:

10 –Completely satisfied.   You couldn’t be more satisfied with where you are at this point in your life.   You are right on track.

5 –Middle of the road.   It’s OK, but there are many changes that you could make here.

0 –Completely Unsatisfied.  You’d be much happier if everything about this category was completely different.

Description of categories

Career–Consider your career selection, direction and current work.

Friends/family –You may split these into two categories if you wish.

Fun/recreation–This includes what re-creates your energy or spirit.

Health–How healthy are you?  Consider weight, level of fitness, energy levels, diet, health awareness, being up-to-date on exams, etc. 

Money–Consider income, savings, retirement, debts, and spending habits.

Personal Growth–This could include intellectual and/or spiritual growth.

Physical Environment–Consider your home and work environments (and vehicle and wardrobe if you wish).   How do these contribute or detract from your senseof satisfaction?   Consider clutter, cleanliness and other factors such as color and décor that affect your sense   of wellbeing. 

Romance/Significant Other–How satisfied are you with the relationship you have or don’t have?  Note, you may be completely satisfied even if you aren’t in a significant/romantic relationship.