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You Are Now Officially A Member of Natalina’s Secret Love LifeStyle Coaching Community!


Step One: Meet Your Feminine Energy Muse…


Hi, This is Natalina Love, I’m so glad you are here! I’m so looking forward to knowing you, working with you and seeing you call in the life, the man, and relationship of your dreams!

I’ve created this Feminine Energy meditation experience to help you connect with and radiate out your most alluring and attractive asset, your Feminine Energy.

When you connect with your feminine energy through your own secret world of emotions, you’ll have also taken the first step to unlocking your secret super power and attract beauty, romance, adventure, phenomenal relationships, and amazing men who will show you they can and will go the distance for you.  

Welcome to the first steps

on your personal path of Love!


To Play The Meditation Audio: The mediation audio can be played directly from this webpage window by pressing the ‘play’ button below. If for any reason the audio doesn’t work for you, please write to me – you can send me a message by writing in any form on this site! Or Simply Responding to any email from me – now that we are connected there too.

Having Headphones and a space where you can lean back, unfold, and feel comfortable no matter what images and emotions come to the surface for you to see will support your experience. 

Here’s what Maggie, a Love Lifestyle Member, has shared about the Feminine Energy Activation:

“Thank you so much for this Natalina!  I can’t believe that in just a few minutes I was transported to such a beautiful, connected place.  I feel fantastic now!  Energised and yet also soft and super relaxed.  It’s hard to explain what I experienced in words other than I FEEL connected to ME somehow.  I felt LOVE and I still feel it around me and in me now.  I feel stronger and grounded and aware of myself.  I love my Feminine Energy place!” 

Maggie Procter, Manchester UK

Caution! Meditation Aftercare Protocols: 

Post Meditation, please treat yourself with the utmost and absolute love and tenderness! I’ve received feedback that listening to this audio has brought up heightened states of emotion.

Please Anticipate Giving yourself at least 48-72 hours to feel, reflect,  and allow the images and suggestions to settle in, speak to you, synch-up with your system. Make sure you have plenty of water to drink, and time that you won’t be rushed.  



Let me know what you experienced!

I would love to know what messages and images your muse shared with you! 

To take your meditation experience even deeper, I’ll be sharing more tips and resources throughout our Coaching Relationship together.

I’m so thrilled you are here, and I’m looking forward to working with you, and seeing you in your dream life full of romance that matters to you.



Love Doesn’t Have To Be A Let Down 

If you ever feel insecure, trapped, or lonely

in your life and around men…

It doesn’t have to be that way!

You really can have a fun, fully committed relationship with a great man.

And it can all happen for you quickly…  No matter where you’re starting from.

Learning the Natalina Love Lifestyle Techniques will give you:



Romance that Matters

Learn Love Lifestyle Techniques

finally create a life you approve of and find deep, meaningful, romantic life partnership    full of emotional connectedness.

True Love Is Waiting For You!

You can learn to Harness the power of your unique emotional attraction – and bring love close now and forever.

Trust the process, and just START. I’ll have baby steps for you to keep going – confidently toward your dreams. I’m looking forward to knowing you and Seeing you discover new ways of being, better feeling ways of being, THAT WORK, in the world through your natural feminine gifts. 

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Kind Words From Clients

Natalina’s depth and understanding of healthy relating as a framework is deeply refreshing. She has an ability to come up with clarity, precision and words to match the feelings that have long been buried inside me.

I’ve been trying to find a way to meet myself and partners sticky spots for YEARS. In the past, a source of frustration and despair... I’m now feeling more able to express myself, be heard and get on with creating a happy and abundant life.

I have little tears welling and feel the depths of gratitude to Natalina.

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

No doubt, Natalina is an incredibly capable, grounded and warm coach. Without hesitation, I would recommend her to anyone wanting to create a fulfilling relationship with self and other. You’re sure to be delighted.

Warmth, Skye

Skye Craig MBMSc - Clinical Neuroscientist


Natalina helped me understand is first and foremost, I needed to feel safe around men. I saw a change almost immediately after I spoke with her. 

After I spoke ONCE with her, I saw a change she helped me see where my fear and distrust carried through in all my public and male-facing experiences.

I am now looking at men differently, more gentle, more in a manner of what I like about them and why is that, what about me that makes me like those things.

it has been over 3 weeks since I started speaking with Natalina, and yet I can say it seems like worlds away


Colorado, USA

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